Do you ship overseas?

I will ship anywhere in the world but I prefer to do this tracked and signed as it's far more reliable. This means you can see where it is on its journey and should arrive with you quicker than standard airmail. 
For overseas shipping buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply or any delays due to customs.

Do I need to do anything to care for these woven wares?

Prior to sending my woven amulet pouches out I give them a layer of home made bark balm. I make this from Bee's wax and almond oil. If you are vegan let me know and I'll refrain from putting this on. Over a period of time the natural oils from the skin will do the same job anyway! 
If possible keep dry, you don't need to be too careful with this and the occasional drizzle is fine but I wouldn't wear the necklaces in the shower! 

Can you send as a gift?

Of course! If you want it sending directly to a friend or family as a gift just send me a message and  can pop in a personalised note from you.

Where do you source your packaging from?

All my packaging is either handmade or recycled. I purchase gift boxes from a local company and I also work in a shop so any bigger boxes or bubble wrap I source from there.



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